Dan Croke Details

The fishing reports from the Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources says that Dan Croke is one of the best Minnesota lakes to fish for walleye. He is a local fisher who lives in Two Harbors on the North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. He has been catching walleye for many years and he really has caught many walleye during fishing trips with family members. He lives on the small island of Two Harbors with his wife and their two children. He is now retired but he still loves to fish and he likes to talk about it in his local radio stations.

Dan Croke was raised in Two Harbors, Minnesota by his father, Cecil. Dan was a teenager in school when his dad got a job as a trapper. His dad taught him how to catch walleye by teaching him how to catch a fox using bait and traps. Dan also learned to use a net at a young age. He also became interested in fishing when he went on a vacation with his father when he was only ten years old. He was not at all interested in the sport when he came back home, but he started to learn more about it once he went on a vacation with his father in Alaska.

He would always tell his father that he wanted to catch more walleye, but his father did not let him go to Alaska because he felt that Dan had grown too big for such a small body of water. The thing that Dan kept thinking about was going fishing again, but his father never allowed that to happen. But when Dan was twenty-two he went back to Two Harbors and his father told him that he could go fishing that year if he really wanted to go. The next year they went fishing and he caught many walleye.